Release Notes

0.13.2 (2018-10-12)


  • Show users their ID on Settings page (PR#631)
  • Add sorting by creation date for versions (#593)

Bug Fixes

  • Can’t parse owner/repo on Github backend (PR#632)
  • Login into staging using OpenID not possible (#616)

Development Changes

  • Add towncrier for generating release notes (PR#618)
  • Remove deprecations warning (PR#627)
  • Add documentation dependency to vagrant container (PR#630)


Many thanks to the contributors of bug reports, pull requests, and pull request reviews for this release:

  • Eli Young
  • Jeremy Cline
  • Michal Konečný



  • Add database schema generation (#603).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix cron issues (#613).



  • Explicitly depend on defusedxml


Bug Fixes

  • Change edit message for project, when no edit actually happened (#579).
  • Fix wrong title on Edit page (#578).
  • Default custom regex is now configurable (#571).



  • Unpin straight.plugin dependency. It was pinned to avoid a bug which has since been fixed in the latest releases (#564).

Bug Fixes

  • Rather than returning an HTTP 500 when authenticating with two separate identity providers using the same email, return a HTTP 400 to indicate the client should not retry the request and inform them they must log in with the original identity provider (#563).



  • Drop the dependency on the Python bunch package as it is not used.
  • There is no longer a hard dependency on the rpm Python package.
  • Introduce a dependency on the Python social-auth-app-flask-sqlalchemy and flask-login packages in order to support authenticating against OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and plain OpenID providers.
  • Introduce a dependency on the Python blinker package to support signaling in Flask.
  • Introduce a dependency on the Python pytoml package in order to support a TOML configuration format.

Backwards-incompatible Changes

  • Dropped support for Python 2.6
  • Added support for Python 3.4+


A number of functions that make up Anitya’s Python API have been moved (#503). The full list of functions are below. Note that no function signatures have changed.

  • anitya.check_release is now anitya.lib.utilities.check_project_release.
  • anitya.fedmsg_publish is now anitya.lib.utilities.fedmsg_publish.
  • anitya.log is now anitya.lib.utilities.log.
  • anitya.lib.init is now anitya.lib.utilities.init.
  • anitya.lib.create_project is now anitya.lib.utilities.create_project.
  • anitya.lib.edit_project is now anitya.lib.utilities.edit_project.
  • anitya.lib.map_project is now anitya.lib.utilities.map_project.
  • anitya.lib.flag_project is now anitya.lib.utilities.flag_project.
  • anitya.lib.set_flag_state is now anitya.lib.utilities.set_flag_state.
  • anitya.lib.get_last_cron is now anitya.lib.utilities.get_last_cron.


  • Deprecated the v1 HTTP API.


  • Introduced a new set of APIs under api/v2/ that support write operations for users authenticated with an API token.
  • Configuration is now TOML format.
  • Added a user guide to the documentation.
  • Added an admin guide to the documentation.
  • Automatically generate API documentation with Sphinx.
  • Introduce httpdomain support to document the HTTP APIs.
  • Add initial support for projects to set a “version scheme” in order to help with version ordering. At the present the only version scheme implemented is the RPM scheme.
  • Add support for authenticating using a large number of OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and OpenID providers.
  • Add a fedmsg consumer that integrates with to provide more timely project update notifications.
  • Add support for running on OpenShift with s2i.
  • Switch over to rather than
  • Use HTTPS in backend examples, default URLs, and documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed deprecation warnings from using flask.ext (#431).
  • Fix the NPM backend’s update feed.

Developer Improvements

  • Fixed all warnings generated from building the Sphinx documentation and introduce tests to ensure there are no regressions (#427).
  • Greatly improved the unit tests by breaking monolithic tests up.
  • Moved the unit tests into the anitya.tests package so tests didn’t need to mess with the Python path.
  • Fixed logging during test runs
  • Switched to pytest as the test runner since nose is dead.
  • Introduced nested transactions for database tests rather than removing the database after each test. This greatly reduced run time.
  • Added support for testing against multiple Python versions via tox.
  • Added Travis CI integration.
  • Added code coverage with pytest-cov and Codecov integration.
  • Fixed all flake8 errors.
  • Refactored the database code to avoid circular dependencies.
  • Allow the Vagrant environment to be provisioned with an empty database.


Many thanks to all the contributors for this release, including those who filed issues. Commits for this release were contributed by:

  • Elliott Sales de Andrade
  • Jeremy Cline
  • luto
  • Michael Simacek
  • Nick Coghlan
  • Nicolas Quiniou-Briand
  • Ricardo Martincoski
  • robled

Thank you all for your hard work.


Released February 08, 2017.

  • Return 4XX codes in error cases for /projects/new rather than 200 (Issue #246)
  • Allow projects using the “folder” backend to make insecure HTTPS requests (Issue #386)
  • Fix an issue where turning the insecure flag on and then off for a project resulted in insecure requests until the server was restarted (Issue #394)
  • Add a data migration to set the ecosystem of existing projects if the backend they use is the default backend for an ecosystem. Note that this migration can fail if existing data has duplicate projects since there is a new constraint that a project name is unique within an ecosystem (Issue #402).
  • Fix the regular expression used with the Debian backend to strip the “orig” being incorrectly included in the version (Issue #398)
  • Added a new backend and ecosystem for (Issue #414)
  • [insert summary of change here]


Released November 29, 2016.

  • Fix an issue where the version prefix was not being stripped (Issue #372)
  • Fix an issue where logs were not viewable to some users (Issue #367)
  • Update anitya’s mail_logging to be compatible with old and new psutil (Issue #368)
  • Improve Anitya’s error reporting via email (Issue #368)
  • Report the reason fetching a URL failed for the folder backend (Issue #338)
  • Add a timeout to HTTP requests Anitya makes to ensure it does not wait indefinitely (Issue #377)
  • Fix an issue where prefixes could be stripped further than intended (Issue #381)
  • Add page titles to the HTML templates (Issue #371)
  • Switch from processes to threads in the Anitya cron job to avoid sharing network sockets for HTTP requests across processes (Issue #335)